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Perfect Strangers
Tasmina Perry
The Happiest Refugee: A Memoir
Anh Do
The Captain's Daughter
Leah Fleming
The Trader of Saigon
Lucy Cruickshanks
Someone: A Novel
Alice McDermott
The Wolves of Midwinter
Anne Rice
A Killing of Angels
Kate Rhodes
Gravity of Birds Pb
The Return
Michael Gruber
The Twenty-Seventh City
Jonathan Franzen

The House of Memories

The House of Memories - Monica McInerney First McInerney. Everything's almost fantasy-like. The perfect uncle. The ideal job for mom. Perfect step-dad. #firstworldproblems. Let's put the heroine in turmoil. Everything seems telegraphed in the book. It comes across as almost bloodless, with so many characters and it's hard to feel anything for any of them. It's all so genteel and civilised. All the loose ends tie up completely and perfectly. Pop psychology tropes are on display.