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The Hypnotist's Love Story

The Hypnotist's Love Story - Liane Moriarty This book is surprisedly flat with such an intriguing premise.
For a novel set in Sydney, it is almost bland with no sense of urgency or setting and the resolution rang false.
Even within the genre of chick flick or romance-thriller, the author makes no attempt to liven up the plot so it plods along.
All the characters feel like cupboard and you just can't care for them at all.
The title refers to the lead but we know so little about her as the male protagonist's ex comes across as a more three dimensional and is more believable.
It almost feels as if the author was lazy with her writing and took stock characters and just tacked on a stalker plot with no research at all into the actual work of a hypnotherapist but what is garnered from women magazines.