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The Twenty-Seventh City
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Breaking Silence (Kate Burkholder)

Breaking Silence - Linda Castillo It's always interesting to read a police procedural from a woman's point of view and from a different culture (Amish) and this novel ticks all the right boxes (male vs. female protagonist) in the form of a female police chief and a male investigator (think unresolved sexual tension)

I do find the first person vs. the third person viewpoint in the writing a little weird as it makes it difficult for me to keep my distance when I read and it's hard to shield my reading/thinking from being intruded upon by the female's musing and 'voice' which is grating at times because I feel as if I am manipulated into 'walking in her shoes' and arm-twisted into riding on her emotional roller coaster.

The denouncement at the end rushes and seems too neatly tied up and is never quite explained properly either.

Nevertheless it's still a good read.