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Perfect Strangers
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The Happiest Refugee: A Memoir
Anh Do
The Captain's Daughter
Leah Fleming
The Trader of Saigon
Lucy Cruickshanks
Someone: A Novel
Alice McDermott
The Wolves of Midwinter
Anne Rice
A Killing of Angels
Kate Rhodes
Gravity of Birds Pb
The Return
Michael Gruber
The Twenty-Seventh City
Jonathan Franzen

The Garden of Evening Mists. by Tan Twan Eng

The Garden of Evening Mists - Tan Twan Eng All the bad writing habits from the first book has not been un-learnt and have been carried over to the second book. How much orientalism can one book take before it collapses on its own breathlessness on another cliché? Why hasn't any editor taken a heavy pen and do his/her job to make this less "The Good Earth" and more "Waiting" - "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" was so last century (literally)