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The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker The reviews for this novel have been varied but I am reading this cold (no spoilers) and I really enjoyed it.

The world is 'slowing' down (spinning slower and slower) and it's affecting the people on earth. Yup. The genres that comes to mind immediately are sci-fi, horror, thriller and maybe drama. But this novel is much more.

The narrator of the novel is a young girl called Julia and the physical/emotional/mental effect of the "Slowing" is described through her eyes.

The title seems to have a double meaning. It could refer to the blossoming of the protagonist's awakening or it could be an ironic reference to how the end of the world could bring about it awareness of how miraculous life is and how we take it for granted.

Sometimes, the novel comes across as a YA (young adult) novel over-reaching and trying to play with the more adult books but I am a sucker for atmospheric writing and a good plot and good old-fashioned originality. And the plot moves along.

The lack of histrionics and growing sense of dread permeates the novel as you feel time slowing down as you move from chapter to chapter.

I might be getting ahead of myself but I definitely see the future of a movie evolving from this novel.

Great read for a first-time author.