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Anh Do
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Lucy Cruickshanks
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The Twenty-Seventh City
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Gold: A Novel

Gold - Chris Cleave

Given the number of 'bad' reviews in here, I am going to stick my fingers in my ears and not listen to the nay Sayers and say I absolutely love this novel. I was all prepared to dismiss it as fluff because of the material. A book about the Olympics in the same year as the London Olympics. How calculative! But like his previous two books, I got sucked right in by Chris' story telling. And he does it well here. It does read like chick lit at times but the fact remains that there are 3 strong willed female protagonists in this book who are fighting in the way they know best, as with life and sports. Some people might feel 'Gold' lack the intensity of Chris's previous two books but I thought the prose and pacing were perfect for it. At the end of the day, we might just want a good yarn and not wrestle with the self-conscious cleverness of turn of phrases. If I had to take half a star off, it would be for the rushed ending and in some way, the protracted ending as well . There was a mis-step there.