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The Game

The Game - A. K. Shevchenko Whatever made the editor think that this was a good book to publish obviously didn't think it through.
This should have remained on the slush pile.
Why on earth was this book published at all? The plot made no sense at all. The characters were on their own - they didn't make any sense either in a group and the Game was never really explained and the author's obsession with Odessa is cloying. And still didn't make any sense at the end of the book at all.
It was as if the author just decided to do character studies and forgot that she needed to write a story/have a plot/some form of conflict/ANY semblance of something/ANYTHING happening in the novel. Instead we are treated to some mysterious guy's ego/mysterious manipulations of re-assembling a group of friends to play a GAME which spans 3 continents. Why?