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Diary of An Expat in Singapore

Diary of An Expat in Singapore - Jennifer  Gargiulo What a load of tosh.

You would think on first glance that it was at least a "diary of an expat in Singapore" (isn't that what the title claimed to be?)

Nope. Instead it appears to be more of those 'how do you know you are ...' throw-away pieces found in certain lifestyle magazines cobbled together to form a book.

This is pretty much a bait-and-switch excuse of a book and should be avoided at all cost.

How did the publishers allow her to get away with it? At the very least, they should have changed the title so it doesn't mislead any potential readers.

It's far too late to have a disclaimer IN the first few pages of the book if one is buying the book blind if it was wrapped up or in a e-book format and one had no chance to read that disclaimer.

All in all, another one of those all-too-common vanity writing projects disguised as writing.

A total disappointment which offers nothing about the 'expat' and just offers up another one of those cookie-cutter slice of life of the privileged life of an expat in Singapore and all the fallacies/rose-coloured tinted glasses view/trappings that goes with it.