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Mrs Queen Takes the Train: A Novel

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train - William Kuhn They are similarities with W G Sebald in the use of factual/fictional pictures illustrating the activities of the actual Queen and there are the melding of fact with fiction, given that the author is a historian. But I like how all the other characters have their moment in the sun and how their lives (of the lack of one) reflects on the Queen's own. This is a work of fiction, based partly on a actual person who has not passed on. And if one reads the book from beginning to end, there is a sense of stoicism that shines through. The prose do get preachy. The section on Diana does seem like some form of justification by the author but we shouldn't assume he speaks the truth or of the truth. Shakespeare has his moment but I wished it didn't drag on that much. There are knowing references for those who have followed the travails of the Royal Family all these years. Look at it as a tale of someone who was fending for herself for the first time. We all want a happy ending.