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Perfect Strangers
Tasmina Perry
The Happiest Refugee: A Memoir
Anh Do
The Captain's Daughter
Leah Fleming
The Trader of Saigon
Lucy Cruickshanks
Someone: A Novel
Alice McDermott
The Wolves of Midwinter
Anne Rice
A Killing of Angels
Kate Rhodes
Gravity of Birds Pb
The Return
Michael Gruber
The Twenty-Seventh City
Jonathan Franzen

The Earnest Mask

The Earnest Mask - Xi Ni Er, Howard Goldblatt, Sylvia Li-Chun Lin I am being biased since this is a writer from my country but this is an interesting collection of really short stories, almost like the trendy flash fiction found nowadays despite being written in the 1990s. It is a collection of chinese tales translated into English and are laced with irony and humour.